My Oldest Books

Hello dear readers, you’re in for a treat today whether you like it or not, because today I am going to share the oldest books that I own! Most of my books are from this century. Even if it was a book written before 2000, I probably have a modern version of it. There areContinue reading “My Oldest Books”

Best Bookstores in all 50 States

So any book lover has their favourite book stores, but some people like to travel the world finding book stores. This isn’t world wide, but definitely worth the read if you’re interested in traveling around the U.S.A to find some cool book stores. Check out the best book store in all 50 states here  

What does my library look like?

There is one thing that all book lovers should be proud of, and that is their library. Some people prefer a small library, consisting of only a few shelves of books, or even only a few books. Others (like myself) have a lot of shelves packed with books, which still isn’t enough room to containContinue reading “What does my library look like?”

Wednesday News: January 2

First news story of 2019…even though its a 2018 story. It’s an interesting piece about a Tokyo Bookstore charging people for entry. Thought it was an interesting read. Hope you all enjoy the story too. Read it here