Top 10 Children's Books I Remember Loving

We were all kids at one time, right dear readers? Or did you just hatch from some egg as a full grown adult. If that is the case, we should be friends! I loved reading as a kid, and even as an adult I have thought of some awesome kids books. There are so manyContinue reading “Top 10 Children's Books I Remember Loving”

Weekly Recap

In case you’ve missed one of my posts, you can find them all here. Book Review: How to Train Your Dragon Type it Out Tuesday: February 26 Wednesday News: February 27th 10 Book Related Podcasts You Need to Listen To Quote of the Day: March 1

Quote of the Day: March 1

It never ceases to amaze me how some really fantastic words of wisdom can come from the most unexpected places. “However small we are, we should always fight for what we believe to be right. And I don’t mean fight with the power of our fists or the power of our swords…I mean the powerContinue reading “Quote of the Day: March 1”

Book Review: D’Arnold finds a home by Teah Lytywn

Before I begin, I’m not entirely sure what the rules are for stating if a post is sponsored or not,and as much as this may sound like a sponsored review, I am receiving nothing from reviewing the following book. I purchased a copy of my own, and did not get anything in return for coveringContinue reading “Book Review: D’Arnold finds a home by Teah Lytywn”