5 Tips to Stand Out Online

In today’s online world, it can feel impossible to break the mold and gain followers. There are always people becoming famous seemingly overnight, while others take weeks, months, or even years to get where they want to be.

Why is that? What is it that makes people stand out and grow their platforms?

One answer is that they are unique. They have created a platform like no other on the internet, and have gained followers who are interested in the content.

This might not mean they have come up with a brand new idea that nobody has ever heard of before, it means that they have figured out what is popular online right now and tweaked it until it became their own.

If you’re looking to grow your online platform, you’ll want to be unique too. So, I’ve come up with five ways you can be unique online.

Remember that this isn’t a masterclass, and this isn’t a perfect science. Everyone has things that will work differently for them, but these are general ideas of what you can do to grow your platform.

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Find Your Voice

Probably the most important thing to remember when you are trying to be unique is to literally be yourself. Embrace your voice, your writing style, and your personality in your posts.

Adopt your voice and use it in the way you interact online.

Nobody can sound like you, no matter how much they try. Your voice and your writing style are almost as unique as your DNA.

By using your voice, you not only have a more unique interaction with your audiences, you also give your platform a voice that people can relate to and expect in the future.

Seek Relationships…Not Just Followers

People debate left and right as to whether your followers/stats are a solid metric on how to gauge success.

But, it is well known that having 100 followers that engage with you constantly is better than having 10,000 who ignore you.

Here are some quick ideas on how you can build relationships online

  • @mention people you reference in your social media posts
  • Answer questions people ask you as often as you can, and sound human, not like an automated reply
  • Reply when people @mention you or share your content — even just to say thanks
  • Don’t just Retweet and Like other people’s content; reply with a comment to start a conversation

Get Visual…With Your Own Flare

When in doubt, posting something visual is a great idea. It gives your audience something to look at.

BUT, don’t just post something visual just because you have no other option. If you do that, you’re not being unique.

Have a visual “signature”. Figure out your color palette, your visual identity, and whatever else you need to ensure people know it is you they are looking at.

Piggyback on What’s Trending

Jumping on what’s trending doesn’t sound too unique does it?

Well truth be told, it’s not.

What is unique about it, or what can be unique about it, is that you can add your own flare to it.

Take whatever trending meme, hashtag, dance, or popular topic and add your brand’s personality to it. That’ll give your audience an opportunity to see your platform’s personality in the things you post.

Just ensure that you are careful not to engage with controversial topics that can be seen as something negative. This could be end up being bad for you in the long run.

Create, Create, Create

If you want to stand out online, you can’t just copy the content everyone else is posting.

To be simple, you need to create something new.

Whether you’re trying to build yourself up as a thought leader or want to stand apart from your competitors, original content is how you’re going to make it happen.

This can be plenty of things, but some ideas that you can create that can be entirely unique are: blog posts, research or infographics.

5 Tips for Promoting Your Content on Social Media

It can be tough coming up with new content to promote on social media. With so many seemingly great ideas out there, it can be tough to think of new ideas.

Thousands upon thousands of posts go live on social media each day, some from family and friends, some from businesses trying their best to grab your attention.

Here are a few ideas you can use to start creating more content on social media and promoting your brand.

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Call to Action Buttons

Donations, followers, comments, stories. There are plenty of things you can ask people who see your content for.

Usually, a call to action button asks people to learn more information, or browse your products, but it is possible to make a button that can do just about anything.

Giving followers an opportunity and an easier way to explore your content instead of making them go searching for your website.

There are plenty of amazing examples of Call to Action Buttons, and some tips on how to write a good one, that you can find here.

Different Content for Different Channels

Each platform has its preference of content.

Just because something works on one platform it doesn’t mean it would work on another.

It’s important to know what each platform prefers and what works on those platforms. Instagram might be good for short videos, where Facebook prefers longer.

Do your research and make sure you know what content you need.

It doesn’t always need to be a brand new idea, but maybe think about changing how the message is given to audiences.

Use Appropriate Hashtags

There is a hashtag for everything. No matter what your content, there are trending hashtags that are used commonly by people in the industry.

Research your industry and find those hashtags to find out what people are using. This will put your content in front of others who are interested in the genre.

Usually there are more than one hashtags that are popular in the industry, so do your due diligence to make sure you can find the most effective ones.

Fill Out the Profile Information

This may seem like a simple idea, but filling out your profile information will give people a way to contact you, and better understand what to expect from you.

Even filling out basic information like the ‘About’ page and contact information will mean people will need to do that much less work to find your content.

Add a branded hashtag

Like I mentioned before, hashtags are a way to find people who are interested in a certain type of content.

The same can work for your profile. On most social media platforms, you can add a hashtag to your profile so that your profile pops up when someone searches that hashtag.

It’s no guarantee to be seen, but it gives you a better opportunity to be seen by people in the same field as yourself.

5 Things You’re Doing Wrong on Social Media

If you’re using social media to promote or market anything, you’ll want them to reach the most people as possible.

But, in these times when social media rules seem to be ever changing, there are plenty of things you could be doing that can hurt your social media presence instead of helping it.

I’ve given you 5 things you might be doing wrong, but there’s no shame in it.

This isn’t an exact science, so what’s wrong for one person might be right for another. These are just general guidelines to follow to get the most success possible.

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1. You’re Not Engaging in Your Community

A big part of growing on social media is knowing and interacting with the community. Like similar content, comment on posts, reply to other’s comments. These simple things will get your name out there for more people to see, plus it often leaves you in a positive light with others in the community.

If you ignore the community, your social channels will likely not grow as quickly.

A bonus of engaging with the community is that you can get a sense of what content they enjoy and what content they don’t.

2. You’re Over Posting, Under Posting, or Posting Inconsistently

Platforms like Twitter allow you to have a conversation by posting more tweets. That’s not the same for platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Posting too often on Facebook or Instagram might annoy your audiences, but posting too infrequently, your audience won’t be interested in what you have to say.

A consistent schedule allows your followers to know when to expect your content, even if they don’t realize it.

It’s tough to find the perfect amount of times to post per week, but its best to test it out before you go too crazy in either direction. Try posting 2-3 times per week at first, and make notes of the stats on those posts.

Then, post more or less often and examine those results. You’ll likely notice a positive or negative change. Use those results to find the perfect posting schedule for your content.

3. You Haven’t Put Much Thought Into It

Not every social media platform might work for you. Just because Twitter is popular, doesn’t mean its right for you. The same applies to all platforms.

You don’t have to join a certain social media platform just because “everyone else does.” Take the time and find the social media platforms that will work best for your style, and the style of your content.

Focus on one platform at a time. Understand how it works and build it up. Once you’ve established yourself to a level you find comfortable, then you can focus on a second platform.

The same applies to your content. Many people don’t find success on social media because they aren’t posting relevant content.

Take a few hours at the beginning of every month and plan your content for a few weeks. It might change if things come up or become impossible to do, but scheduling your content before hand will leave you less stressed and posting more relevant content.

4. You’re Not Telling People Where to Find You

If you’ve heard of the movie Field of Dreams, you might assume “If you Build it, They will Come” is true for everything.

That’s not how social media works. You can create the best content in the world, but if nobody knows it exists, it won’t be seen.

Share your content on other platforms. Let people know on your blog, in your videos, or wherever you create content.

It will let them know your social media channels exist, and remind them if they haven’t followed you yet.

5. You’re Not Willing to Change

The biggest part of growing on any platform is the ability to change. You need to adapt to new interests, changes in your audience’s likes and dislikes, as well as new trends in the community.

If you’re not allowing yourself to change and learn from your past, you’re not going to get better. Your content will become old and your numbers won’t increase.

Don’t shut down any criticism. Accept it and learn how you can change from it.

What Social Media Platforms Should You Focus On?

I mentioned in my previous post why social media platforms are essential in marketing your brand/business.

Social media is deeply engrained in our society, and it isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

But what social media platforms do you need to focus on to reach the most people and see the most growth?

There is no right answer to that question. There are the obvious platforms to pursue: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter, but then there are the less common ones: TikTok, Snapchat, Tumblr, and plenty of others.

Obviously the more users a platform has, the more likely your brand can grow on that platform, so let’s discuss what platforms might be right for you.

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The Big 4: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube

These are the most common platforms. They have millions of users each month, and you can find almost any niche you could think of.

There are endless opportunities to engage with people and create content that can reach your audiences.

There is no magic formula to these platforms, but there are best practices that are ever evolving, so it is important to stay on top of them.

If you are serious about growing your brand or business, you should look in to getting at least a few of these social media channels. Your specific brand might change which options to pursue, but for the most part, all four of these options are strong contenders for all brands to focus on to grow and tell their story.

Small But Significant: TikTok, Snapchat, Tumblr, Pinterest

None of these platforms are new, and none of them are without a good number of monthly users.

What limits these platforms is that their demographics are a lot smaller than the big four. Apps like Snapchat and TikTok tend to have a younger audience, which might not be what your brand wants to focus on.

If your audiences overlap with these apps, then you might want to consider how to best reach them, and how to get your messages across to those audiences. Each brand is going to have different ideas and different strategies that work.

The Online Communities: Reddit, Imgur, DeviantArt, Twitch

Finally, we have the online communities. These generally revolve around a certain idea of type of post.

DeviantArt is a great place for aspiring artists and art lovers to go to, to share their artwork and love for different fanbases.

Platforms like Twitch, Reddit, and Imgur have broad audiences, but people on these platforms have a tendency to focus on a niche, for a handful of niches, and their content focuses on that.

The rules to social media are always changing. Nobody can give you an answer and know how to solve every possible social media question you might have.

What works for one person on social media might be disastrous for another. Some might utilize YouTube and be able to grow their brand off of that, where another might have a brand that doesn’t work well with video, so they pursue something else.

What’s most important is that you try and you learn. Track the success and failures of what you try and do better in the future.

Why Social Media is Essential For Marketing Your Brand

Whether you like it or not, social media is here to stay. It has become so ingrained in our every day lives, that it would take a big downfall for a lot of platforms to disappear completely.

Social media is not just for personal use. Social media has become an essential for any business in today’s market if they want to succeed.

But why? What does social media give you the ability to do that other traditional methods don’t?

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Improved Brand Awareness

Social media is one of the cheapest and most stress-free digital marketing opportunities that can be used to get your brand in front of people. With just a few hours spent on social media each week, you’ll be able to increase user experience and brand visibility.

Cost Effective

All social media channels are free to use. They have no cost at sign up and you could launch a successful platform without ever spending a dime. When you do want to put a little money into paid advertising on social media, you can set the amount of money you want to spend, so you can find out the most cost effective amount of money based on returns.

Engage with Customers

Customers love to give their feedback, and social media gives them another platform to do that. It also gives you a chance to tell your story, and interact with customers how you want to. The more you talk to them, the more chance you have to convert them to your brand and your products.

Healthier Customer Satisfaction

Customers appreciate receiving feedback about their grievances. We all feel appreciated and looked after when a brand or business’ social media accounts respond to one of our comments or reviews. A brand that values its customers, takes the time to compose a personal message, which is perceived naturally in a positive light. A customer’s satisfaction goes hand in hand with your brand identity. It is essential to introducing your organization and your products.

Improved Brand Loyalty

A customer’s satisfaction goes hand in hand with your brand identity. It is essential to introducing your organization and your products in a positive light and keeping it there in the eye’s of your customers.

One of the main goals of social media platforms is to develop a loyal customer base. It is essential to engage with your customers, but it also allows you to run promotional campaigns.

Increase Traffic

Simply put, social media can help increase your website traffic. Sharing content on social media opens the door for people to click through your website. The more you share on social media, the more inbound traffic you will generate while making customers convert to your brand or products.

Increase SEO

By regularly posting on your social media pages, and updating that marketing strategy, you can increase traffic and SEO, as well as improving brand loyalty. The quicker you get started, the faster you will see growth over your competitors.

Tips on How to Host a Giveaway

Giveaways are a great way to grow your audience, and are relatively simple to host. They don’t require a lot of work and planning, but it is important to know what is needed before starting one.

If you want some additional information on giveaways, check out a few of my other posts.

Are Promotional Giveaways Getting “Boring”???
Pros and Cons of Hosting a Giveaway

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Follow these simple steps if you are planning on hosting a giveaway for your platform.


The first thing you need to figure out is what prize people will be competing for. You wan’t to make sure it is worth the effort people will put in to the giveaway.


  • Value of the prize
  • Benefits of using your own product versus an external product
  • Prize description in the contest form: make sure users know exactly what they are entering to win


You could have the absolute best giveaway planned, but if you don’t promote it, nobody will enter. You need to plan what platforms you will promote the giveaway on.

BUT, don’t over extend yourself. It might be smart to limit the giveaway to a few platforms instead of all of them.

Without the proper promotions, all your well laid plans can go to waste.


You want to use short but effective wording. Be as simple as possible, but give plenty of detail so that everyone understands what the giveaway is and will involve.

Avoid using slang or casual terms if your company language usually doesn’t. This can be distracting and take away from the point of the giveaway: to raise positive brand awareness about your company.

Giveaway social media posts should include the following information:

  • What the prize is
  • How to enter
  • When the giveaway ends
  • How the winner is contacted
  • Giveaway hashtags, if they are a component of entering the giveaway
  • Link to legalese, if applicable


One of the benefits of having entrants follow your social media account is you can DM them to let them know they are the winner.

If you’re using Woobox or a similar software to run the giveaway, it’s easy to randomly pick a winner, then use their entered email address to tell them how to claim their prize.

Before sending a gift card or other prize in the mail or via email, make sure to contact the winner first so they know to expect the prize. That way, they can let you know if they didn’t receive it. If you have their permission, you can also tag them as the winner to refresh interest and let everyone know that the giveaway is over.

Each giveaway is different than any other before it, but for the most part, they follow the same simple steps.

Make sure you understand your audience and your content before hosting a giveaway.

Pros and Cons of Hosting a Giveaway

Giveaways are a great way for an organization, blogger, influencer, or company to gain followers, boost engagement, and increase brand awareness.

They are generally cheap, and easy to run if your social media platforms are big enough, plus they can help you feature a new product or service.

But, what are the pros and cons of hosting a giveaway? What good and bad things happen when you run one?

Here is a list of pros and cons of hosting a giveaway.

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  • Grow your following: Hosting a giveaway is a good way to build your social media following on sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Save money: Hosting a giveaway can be inexpensive and a cost-effective marketing channel strategy.
  • Gain exposure: Launching a new product with a giveaway can help generate buzz around your product and your brand.
  • Save time & headaches: Compared to a lot of other marketing strategies, hosting a giveaway isn’t overly difficult
  • Excite your followers: Hosting a giveaway can be a good way to get your followers excited about a new product, and can get them chatting and generating more interest.
  • Earn increased sales: Hosting a giveaway can help attract loyal customers who will potentially buy your product, or at the least, interact with your content.
  • Get to know your customers: What better way to find out what your followers are interested in or want than hosting a giveaway? It gives you the chance to see what types of giveaways are participating in and what strategies work the best.
  • Bank of goodwill: Many people will be upset that they didn’t win, but you can guarantee that the winners will be excited to hear about their prize and will say great things about you for some time.

Infographic from Easy Promos Blog.


  • Drama, drama, drama: There is always the potential to receive backlash from contestants that don’t win the giveaway. Be prepared for some backlash and be sure to respond to them in a kind and respectful way.
  • Time and money: Though giveaways aren’t large marketing campaigns, they will require some time and money to properly execute them. Be sure you are aware of the costs and the time that it will take to plan it all.
  • Frustration: There’s nothing worse than a perfectly planned strategy that doesn’t get off the ground like you hoped. If that’s the case, make sure you learn about what went wrong and improve on it in the future.
  • Long-term following: The followers you gain from hosting a giveaway might not lead to the long-term following that you hope. You will see a boost in numbers initially, but that number may dwindle slightly over time.

What are some pros and cons of giveaways that you have experienced in the past? Let’s talk about them in the comments.