I Need Your Help. Share Your News!

Dear readers, As time goes on, we are experiencing more and more interruptions to what we consider our regular lives. A lot of news out there is revolving around Covid-19, and it’s hard to escape that reality. Though I don’t suggest ignoring it entirely, I do suggest trying to broaden your horizons. Look for newsContinue reading “I Need Your Help. Share Your News!”

Share Indie Book Launches

We all know that a lot of book launches, book fairs, and plenty of non-book related events have been cancelled because of the current state of affairs we are in. Because there aren’y many book events happening, I thought I’d give people a chance to share some book launches they know have happened recently, orContinue reading “Share Indie Book Launches”

Bookish News: March 11, 2020

Hello my lovely readers…I have some news for you. There have been a number of book and movie deals in the US. Children’s author Ted Staunton holding book signing March 11 at Chapters in Peterborough Hachette Says It Won’t Publish Woody Allen’s Book The Everyday Madness of Teaching Under Lockdown in America Here are theContinue reading “Bookish News: March 11, 2020”

Bookish News: March 4, 2020

Hello dear readers, a quick news update for you today. The upcoming Wheel of Time tv show, currently being filmed, finally has its composer, David Buckley. If you want to read more about David, check out a list of some of his other work and some more interesting information! In non Wheel of Time News,Continue reading “Bookish News: March 4, 2020”

Wheel of Time News: Casting Announcements

Hello again dear Wheel of Time fans! It is Wednesday again, which means that we have some more news about the upcoming Wheel of Time show! We have an episode title and a few casting announcements that were released today. Episode 6 will be called “The Flame of Tar Valon” and will be written byContinue reading “Wheel of Time News: Casting Announcements”

Wheel of Time Wednesdays: Location Update

Hello dear readers, I welcome you to another Wheel of Time Wednesday! If you’re a fan of the upcoming Wheel of Time series, then you need to see this picture below. If this picture doesn’t make much sense to you, don’t worry, because that’s what I’m here for. Rafe Judkins released this photo on hisContinue reading “Wheel of Time Wednesdays: Location Update”