Bookish News: Dec. 18, 2019

Hello dear readers. I have some good news, and some bad news. The bad news is that this will be the last Bookish News post of the year, because I don’t plan on making any news on Christmas morning, and I don’t think there will be much news anyways. The good news is that thereContinue reading “Bookish News: Dec. 18, 2019”

Bookish News: December 11, 2019

2019 is coming to a close…and with it, we must vote on our favourite books of 2019 right? Well Goodreads is already ahead of the game, and has given its winners of the best books of 2019 already. Some of these I am not surprised by at all, and some are a bit of aContinue reading “Bookish News: December 11, 2019”

Wheel of Time Wednesdays: Casting Announcement

If you’ve been ignoring my blog for the past few months, then you might not know what this is. If you’ve been keeping tabs on my blog at least somewhat you should know that the first Wednesday of each month, the upcoming Wheel of Time show releases some news on its Twitter account. This weekContinue reading “Wheel of Time Wednesdays: Casting Announcement”

Bookish News: November 20 2019

Happy hump day fellow readers. Only two more days until the weekend! Today I am coming to you with a few pieces of news from the book world today, all of which are worth looking in to…in my opinion. Hope you enjoy, and if you have any bookish news of your own, let me knowContinue reading “Bookish News: November 20 2019”

Wheel of Time Wednesdays: Script Read Through.

A few weeks ago the cast of the upcoming Wheel of Time TV show did a read through of the script. Today, a short video was released. Hope you enjoy!