Weekly Recap

In case you missed any of this week’s posts here they are: Monday Book Review: The Curious Incident of the dog in the Night-time Tuesday Type it out Tuesday: January 1 Wednesday Wednesday News: January 2 Thursday: Thursday Thoughts Thursday Thoughts: 2019’s Reading Goals Friday: Quote of the Day Quote of the Day: January 4

Wednesday News: January 2

First news story of 2019…even though its a 2018 story. It’s an interesting piece about a Tokyo Bookstore charging people for entry. Thought it was an interesting read. Hope you all enjoy the story too. Read it here

Thursday Thoughts: Print book vs. E-readers

This has been an argument since the dawn of time. Even before E-readers. Even before books there were cavemen sitting riding their dinosaurs, debating which was better. Everyone has a preference. Some people prefer E-readers because its still reading a book, and you save a lot of space because you don’t have actual books toContinue reading “Thursday Thoughts: Print book vs. E-readers”

Wednesday News: Dec. 19

I havent come up with a catchy title for this one yet so I’m looking for some input. I read this article last week and I thought it was really interesting. I’ve never really gotten into audio books but I have listened to a few, but it was really interesting to see that audiobooks andContinue reading “Wednesday News: Dec. 19”