One Piece Manga Review: Water 7 Arc

A review of the Water 7 arc in One Piece.

Quote of the Day: One Piece

“I’m sorry. I never pray to god.” ― Roronoa Zoro “People don’t fear god, fear itself is god.”—Eneru “Kill a man during a time of war and you’re a hero. Kill the same man during a time of peace and you’re prosecuted.”—Gan Fall “Whether it’s the City of Gold, or Sky Island, there’s never been a personContinue reading “Quote of the Day: One Piece”

One Piece Arc Review: Skypeia

Hello my manga lovers, it feels like its been too long. I know I’ve done a manga review for Pygmalion last month, but I feel like its been years since a One Piece Arc Review. This month’s manga arc review is all about Skypeia, which is a little controversial for some One Piece fans. SomeContinue reading “One Piece Arc Review: Skypeia”