Type it out Tuesday: February 5

Since it’s Chinese New Year today, what better way to celebrate than a writing prompt based off of just that. So here it is: The 12 Zodiac animals get together, as they do once every year to celebrate the new year. The only problem is, there is one missing. The 11 animals soon realize thatContinue reading “Type it out Tuesday: February 5”

Type It Out Tuesdays: January 29

I tried to think of a good writing prompt that was puzzle related, but I couldn’t think of anything that I liked, so I hope the following works: Begin a story with the following: “If I had known then, what I know now, I never would have…” Continue that opening and try to complete itContinue reading “Type It Out Tuesdays: January 29”

Weekly Recap

In case you happened to miss one of my posts this week here they are: Manga Review: Bleach Type it Out Tuesdays Wednesday News: January 23 Top 5 Manga/Anime Characters Quote of the Day: January 25 As always I hope you guys enjoy.

Weekly Recap

In case you missed any of this week’s posts, here they are: Book Review: History’s Worst Inventions Type it Out Tuesday: January 15 Wednesday News: January 16 What does my library look like? Quote of the Day: January 18

Type it Out Tuesday: January 15

Spiderman trailer came out today…but its also National Hat Day… so today you’re gonna get two different writing prompts. You’re hired by Marvel Comics to rewrite Spiderman’s origin story. You have 100% control of how it happens. You don’t even need to involve a spider biting him.   2. You find a strange hat onContinue reading “Type it Out Tuesday: January 15”

Weekly Recap

In case you missed any of this week’s posts here they are: Monday Book Review: Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Tuesday Type it Out Tuesdays: January 8 Wednesday Wednesday News: January 9 Thursday: Thursday Thoughts Thursday Thoughts: My Top 10 Fictional Worlds I Want to Live In Friday: Quote of the DayContinue reading “Weekly Recap”

Type it Out Tuesdays: January 8

Since it’s National Bubble Bath Day I figured a bubble bath writing prompt might be fitting so here it is. In 100 words or less, write about a memory you have of taking a bubble bath. Some ideas could be playing with a certain toy, drawing on the walls, or anything else.