I Don’t Mind Spoilers

Hello my dear readers, I hope life is treating you as well as it can. If you’re reading this, you’re back for yet another Thursday Thoughts post. This week’s topic? I don’t mind spoilers. Seems pretty straightforward, so let’s get into it! Everyone reads books, watches Netflix, TV, plays video games, or takes in someContinue reading “I Don’t Mind Spoilers”

Why Is Reading So Important?

Hello dear readers, welcome to a bit of a longer post. Reading is such a big part of a lot of people’s lives. Whether its for entertainment, research, or just stress relief, reading is important to a lot of people for different reasons. Since reading is so important, I thought I’d do a bit ofContinue reading “Why Is Reading So Important?”

My Oldest Books

Hello dear readers, you’re in for a treat today whether you like it or not, because today I am going to share the oldest books that I own! Most of my books are from this century. Even if it was a book written before 2000, I probably have a modern version of it. There areContinue reading “My Oldest Books”

100 Books You Should Read

Hello again respected readers. Today I want to show you something that I am very excited for, but also a bit worried about. It was an awesome gift I received from my girlfriend for Christmas. Knowing I’m a big book fan, she found this awesome little gift for me online, and knew it was perfect…andContinue reading “100 Books You Should Read”

March Madness: Book Edition

Hello again dear readers, it’s a pleasure as always. I am not sure how much of a sports fan you all consider yourselves, but there is a sports tournament in the U.S. every year that has inspired me to come up with this idea. Basically the way it works, is that 64 college basketball teamsContinue reading “March Madness: Book Edition”