12 Books to Gift for Christmas

It’s almost the weekend dear readers, and last week I gave some ideas of bookish gifts you could get for a bookish lad or lassy in your life. This week I have 11 books that are perfect for that special reader in your life. There are countless other books out there, but these are someContinue reading “12 Books to Gift for Christmas”

Why I Took A Break

Like I mentioned in my review of the Drum Island Arc on Monday, I took several weeks off from the blog during the month of October, despite having several blog series ongoing. There were a few reasons that I’ll get in to as to why I took a break, but I guess I should ketContinue reading “Why I Took A Break”

Scary Movie Marathon

I have never been a big Halloween fan. I don’t have anything against Halloween per se, but I have never been one of those people that loves the skulls and witches and the spooky scary skeletons. Monday evening came around, and I watched a YouTube video about upcoming scary movies, and I decided I wantedContinue reading “Scary Movie Marathon”

100 WordPress Followers!!!

It’s been just over a year since I started this blog, but I have finally hit 100 WordPress followers. I actually hit the milestone a few weeks ago, but I never had the time on Thursdays to write about it. Finally I have found the time. I am very proud of myself for keeping upContinue reading “100 WordPress Followers!!!”


Apparently today is my 1-year WordPress Anniversary. To think a year ago I started this blog. It was not good. I’ve looked back at it and what was I thinking? haha I know it grew along with me, and it’s still not great, but I think it’s getting there. I have a few ideas thatContinue reading “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!”


Today’s post is more of a news related post, but it fits in with other Thursday posts too, so I decided to write it today instead. As of today I am still living at home with my parents. I am one course away from a getting two degrees, but I have found myself a prettyContinue reading “I’m ADULTING!”