AudioBook Review: Outlander

I have said before that it is a rare occurrence for a TV show or movie to be better than the book, but Outlander is one of those books that might just be an exception. I had binge watched most of the TV show in a few weeks, knowing that there was a related bookContinue reading “AudioBook Review: Outlander”

Wheel of Time Wednesdays: Script Read Through.

A few weeks ago the cast of the upcoming Wheel of Time TV show did a read through of the script. Today, a short video was released. Hope you enjoy!

Wednesday News: I’m the main character…of course

I’ve wanted to write a book since I was a kid. I remember in my Grade 2 Language Arts class, we got the chance to write a story. Most kids wrote a 2-3 page story about some dog, cat, or other simple story. I decided to go above and beyond that, cause my story wasContinue reading “Wednesday News: I’m the main character…of course”

Book News: July 24

So like I have said a few times already, I’ve begun “writing” my book. It’s still in the early stages, and I’m still figuring out all the kinks, and probably will be for a while, but I have begun figuring out some of the characters and the overall plot that I want to follow. MostContinue reading “Book News: July 24”

Book Review: Legend by Marie Lu

I remember reading this book years ago in highschool as the first book in the book club I had just joined. We got to pick books out of a crate and I was one of the last ones to pick, and the cover of Legend looked interesting. I started reading it on the bus rideContinue reading “Book Review: Legend by Marie Lu”

Thursday Thoughts: Interview with author Charm Anderson

So this week I had the pleasure of interviewing a first-time author and ask her a few questions about her and her writing. Her name is Charm Anderson, and she wrote a book called Exploit Me. I hope you enjoy her answers, and you can check out her book here. If you guys have anyContinue reading “Thursday Thoughts: Interview with author Charm Anderson”

Quote of the Day: The World of Ice and Fire

It’s that time of the week you have all been waiting for. That’s right, it’s FRIDAY’S QUOTE OF THE DAY!!!!! This week I’ve got an extra special surprise for you though. That’s right, you guessed it… THREE QUOTES. I know, I know. “Wow three quotes in one day? What did I do to deserve that?”Continue reading “Quote of the Day: The World of Ice and Fire”