Solve it Sunday: Pendulum

This week’s puzzle doesn’t have any math involved like last week, but it’s still a bit tricky.

Solve it Sunday: Sitting Comfortably

Hello dear readers, welcome back to another Solve it Sunday. Today’s puzzle is rather simple to test out. All it takes is you sitting down in a chair and trying it out. Best of luck to you, and as always, the answer is in the comments. Twitter  | Instagram | Goodreads | Facebook  Try sitting straight on a chair, withContinue reading “Solve it Sunday: Sitting Comfortably”

Solve it Sunday: Infinite Worlds

Hello my dear Sherlocks, Einsteins, and other puzzle solvers. You’re probably all cooped up and sick of your family at this point, and need something to keep morale up. Well, I got just the thing for you. As always, the solution to the riddle is in the comments. The mathematics of infinity can be startlinglyContinue reading “Solve it Sunday: Infinite Worlds”

Solve it Sunday: Problem in Glass

Hello my Little Einsteins, I hope you have your thinking caps on. Today’s puzzle is all about windows, which really doesn’t make a difference for a genius like you! And as always…answers are in the comments. Imagine that you have a square window, five feet high, set in an opaque wall. That window lets inContinue reading “Solve it Sunday: Problem in Glass”

Solve it Sunday: Tribal Mathematics

Hello everybody, I hope you have your thinking caps on! I’m back for another Solve it Sunday post, and this week is a tricky one. As always, answer is in the comments, and you think you have the right answer, make a comment of your own. During the 19th century, a European colonel in EthiopiaContinue reading “Solve it Sunday: Tribal Mathematics”