Book Review: Heir of Doom by Jina S. Bazzar

Roxanne Fosch has joined the Hunters.  She no longer has to run and hide, but other problems have surfaced. Her clan has other plans for her, and even the combined might of the hunters might not be able to save her. To survive, Roxanne will have to choose between being labeled a traitor and castContinue reading “Book Review: Heir of Doom by Jina S. Bazzar”

Author Spotlight: Jina S. Bazzar

Hello dear readers, I have my first ever Author Spotlight for you. The idea behind this post is to give you a bit of a background on some smaller authors that come across my radar. It won’t be an in-depth analysis of their writing abilities and why they became an author, but more of aContinue reading “Author Spotlight: Jina S. Bazzar”

Book Review: Heir of Ashes

Hello dear readers, I want to share a surprisingly fun read that came across my proverbial bookshelf a few weeks ago. I was contacted by the author or Heir of Ashes about a month ago and I was asked I was interested in reading the book. After reading the synopsis, I quickly said yes andContinue reading “Book Review: Heir of Ashes”