Channel Update

Alright so I originally started this blog as a school assignment but I really started to like it and spent some free time during the term figuring out whether or not I should take the blog full time, and how I would be able to do that.

Well good news is I figured out how I can do both of those. I’ve got new ideas for the blog and plan on updating it every day, but I’m not guarenteeing anything with school going on.

So here is the updated schedule of what the posts will look like:

Monday: Book Review

Tuesday: Type it Out Tuesdays (post different writing prompts for people     interested in writing themselves)

Wednesday: Book related news (books being adapted to movies/tv shows, new books coming out, etc.)

Thursday: Thursday Thoughts (different thoughts I have on book related things ex. My Top 10s, Book related life stories, seasonal book topics, writing challenges etc.)

Friday: Quote of the Day (from the book I reviewed that week)

Saturday/Sunday: Taking a break to relax

I also have some channel updates coming out too. I want to update the books I’ve read/want to read  and throw in alphabetical shortcuts so it’s easier to find the author.

I’m also gonna make a Facebook group book club so theres an easier platform for more people to chat about a book. The book club will be one book a month to start instead of every week.

I’m also going to update some pictures and minor pages on the blog itself.

I hope everyone is as excited as I am for this update.

Heart, Spell, Death

If you love books, there are two things you’ve probably dreamt of at some point.

First, you’ve probably imagined living in the world of one of your books. These worlds probably had some sort of magical powers or beautiful landscapes you’d love to experience or some sort of adventure you’d like to be a part of.

I could probably list about a dozen different worlds I’d love to live in myself, and I think most of you guys could probably list as many.

Secondly, you’ve probably dreamt of  having one of the worlds in their books come to life.

Could you imagine reading a book and then suddenly the characters pop up from the pages and are there with you in the room?

You could have Peter Pan teaching you how to fly so you can avoid traffic on the way home from work, King Arthur and his knights riding their horses through today’s world still looking for the Holy Grail, or even Romeo saying your name instead of Juliet’s.

I know I’d like that, maybe even more so than going into one of my books. Thinking about it, if I had a superpower of my choice, I think this would be it.

Cornelia Funke wrote 3 books where characters could bring words to life.


Inkheart. Inkspell. Inkdeath

All three follow a girl and her dad who have the power to bring characters from their books to life. Doesn’t sound like it would be too interesting but they’re great books.

They’re considered young-adult books, and definitely worth the read for kids anywhere, but if you’re willing to pick up a YA novel and read through it in a week or so then I would definitely add it to your list.

I remember sitting in my room when I was supposed to be asleep and using my Gameboy’s plug in light to read the trilogy.

I’m pretty sure I tried to read my books to bring out their characters too. Don’t think it worked though.

There’s also a movie about Inkheart, with Brenden Fraser…but lets not talk about that.


What books or characters would you guys want to bring to life? Or what books would you guys like to be able to jump into? Let me know in the comments or send me an email. I’d love to hear your lists!

Next week’s book is an ongoing series that I’m currently in love with. The hint for it: Magical Sword Fairies.