Owning Vs. Borrowing: Where Do You Stand?

Owning a book vs. borrowing a book, where do you stand?

Do people still use libraries?

Libraries have literally been around for thousands of years, and have served some different purposes through time, but generally have had one goal: providing books/knowledge to people. Whenever I think of a library, the Great Library of Alexandria comes to mind. Probably the most famous library in the history of the world, we unfortunately lostContinue reading “Do people still use libraries?”

What does my library look like?

There is one thing that all book lovers should be proud of, and that is their library. Some people prefer a small library, consisting of only a few shelves of books, or even only a few books. Others (like myself) have a lot of shelves packed with books, which still isn’t enough room to containContinue reading “What does my library look like?”