Quotes from Girls Last Tour by Tsukumizu

“War is when people kill one another, right? Why would they do that?” ― Tsukumizu, Girls’ Last Tour, Vol. 1 “Memories? Pheh. Those just get in the way of living.” ― Tsukumizu, Girls’ Last Tour, Vol. 1 “Even if it’s meaningless . . . sometimes, nice things happen.” ― Tsukumizu, Girls’ Last Tour, Vol. 1 “Fire . . . Does that light by itself?” ― Tsukumizu, Girls’Continue reading “Quotes from Girls Last Tour by Tsukumizu”

One Piece Quotes: The Worst Generation

“Compared to the “righteous” greed of the rulers, the criminals of the world seem much more honorable. When scum rules the world, only more scum is born.” – Eustass “Captain” Kid You know on the path we’ve been traveling up until now ….. Saying a thing like that would just get you laughed at. Although …..Continue reading “One Piece Quotes: The Worst Generation”

Best Quotes from Akame Ga Kill

“There is no way to train your heart to be invulnerable.” – Lubbock “I had a friend who was very kind to me. No matter what happened or how badly I messed up, she never once made fun of me. The time I spent with her was the only ray of happiness in my entireContinue reading “Best Quotes from Akame Ga Kill”

Quote of the Day: One Piece

“I’m sorry. I never pray to god.” ― Roronoa Zoro “People don’t fear god, fear itself is god.”—Eneru “Kill a man during a time of war and you’re a hero. Kill the same man during a time of peace and you’re prosecuted.”—Gan Fall “Whether it’s the City of Gold, or Sky Island, there’s never been a personContinue reading “Quote of the Day: One Piece”

Quote of the Day: Bellamy and Blackbeard

Bellamy The Sky Islands are real…! Hey!!” “Get it through your head that your dreams won’t come true.” “I’m gonna blow you away, Straw Hat! I’m gonna prove myself to Doflamingo!” “If I can just take you guys out I can finally be a Family commander!!” Blackbeard “This cherry pie’s so good, it’ll kill you! ThisContinue reading “Quote of the Day: Bellamy and Blackbeard”