Quotes from Dice: The Cube that Changes Everything

Hello dear readers, I have collected a few quotes from Dice: The Cube that Changes Everything for you today.

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Haven’t you ever thought that life would be better if it was a game?
Dice: The Cube That Changes Everything

Game!? Is life a game to you?…Life is not a game!!
Dice: The Cube That Changes Everything

Huh? DO whatever you want without DICE? As if someone like you could understand. What’s so bad about wanting to reach higher than yourself? After all, you’re already up there. The place where I’ve always longed to be. If anything, isn’t this world at fault? There’s plenty of proof this world was created unfairly. The Crime rate’s higher than ever. Wealth is the determining factor in life, and so when the most prestigious universities held an experiment, “Does appearance affect the outcome in a trail?” When comparing the results of the beautiful and the plain, the beautiful ones were declared innocent more often. Looks decide your worth. LOOKS, SEX, AGE, ETHNICITY, EDUCATION, JOB, once you realize that there will always be a ‘High’ and ‘Low”, the goal is clear. Higher… and Higher! I’m sure that looking down from the highest place will be beautiful sight, so I must reach higher!
–Dice: The Cube That Changes Everything)

Just because you look a little better, everyone comes running at you screaming and pretending to be friendly… Just because you look a little worse, everyone ignores you and uses you as a plaything or a slave… Isn’t life so unfair?
Dice: The Cube That Changes Everything

The world is very boring. Everyone tries to live like a normal person without a second thought.
Dice: The Cube That Changes Everything

Manga of the Month: Tower of God

Hello dear readers, I want to showcase a manga to you that I’ve really enjoyed, even more so since its anime release at the beginning of the month.

Now technically Tower of God is considered a Manhwa, which from my understanding is just the Korean version of a manga.

It is written and drawn by Lee Jong-hui, who goes by the pen-name S.I.U, and has been serialized weekly in Naver’s webtoon platform Naver Webtoon since June 30, 2010, with the individual chapters collected and published by Young Com into two volumes as of April 2020.


Why should you read it though?

Tower of God centers around a boy called Twenty-Fifth Bam, who has spent most of his life trapped beneath a vast and mysterious Tower, with only his close friend, Rachel, to keep him company. When Rachel enters the Tower, Bam manages to open the door into it as well, and faces challenges at each floor of this tower as he tries to find his closest companion.

As the story progresses, the reader gradually explores the lore, history, and motivations of important characters and factions that drive or try to change the fate of the tower, for more than 10,000 years. Mysteries are gradually unveiled and added, as the readers learn about the struggles and triumphs of the inhabitants of the tower.”

It has action, comedy, adventure, and it feels like a video game because there are quests and side-quests, leveling up, weapon choices, different races.

It was sort of a hidden gem that was quite popular, but nobody was really speaking about because they wanted to keep it a secret.

If you don’t mind catching up on a few hundred chapters, which contain some really beautiful artwork, then you definitely need to check out Tower of God.