March Madness (2)

Hello again dear readers. You are only a day and a bit away from the weekend! Just don’t forget to enjoy the moment while you’re looking to the horizon. If you missed last week’s March Madness post, you should probably go check it out here. To simplify it for you, I want to hold aContinue reading “March Madness (2)”

March Madness: Book Edition

Hello again dear readers, it’s a pleasure as always. I am not sure how much of a sports fan you all consider yourselves, but there is a sports tournament in the U.S. every year that has inspired me to come up with this idea. Basically the way it works, is that 64 college basketball teamsContinue reading “March Madness: Book Edition”

March Madness Bracket: Book Edition

If you live in North America, and possibly other places in the world, you have likely heard of March Madness. It’s basically a big basketball tournament for American College schools that tales place in March and April. I’m not a basketball fan, but from what I understand it’s basically their playoff season, but I couldContinue reading “March Madness Bracket: Book Edition”