One Piece Quotes: The Worst Generation

“Compared to the “righteous” greed of the rulers, the criminals of the world seem much more honorable. When scum rules the world, only more scum is born.” – Eustass “Captain” Kid You know on the path we’ve been traveling up until now ….. Saying a thing like that would just get you laughed at. Although …..Continue reading “One Piece Quotes: The Worst Generation”

One Piece Quotes: Brook

Hello dear readers, since Brook is the main StrawHat in the Thriller Bark Arc in One Piece, and a character with a really emotional backstory, I thought it made sense to share some of his quotes with you today. Hope you enjoy, and make sure to follow me for more One Piece content.Twitter  | InstagramContinue reading “One Piece Quotes: Brook”

Quote of the Day: One Piece

“I’m sorry. I never pray to god.” ― Roronoa Zoro “People don’t fear god, fear itself is god.”—Eneru “Kill a man during a time of war and you’re a hero. Kill the same man during a time of peace and you’re prosecuted.”—Gan Fall “Whether it’s the City of Gold, or Sky Island, there’s never been a personContinue reading “Quote of the Day: One Piece”

Quote of the Day: Tony Tony Chopper

I was a bit disappointed when I was looking for Chopper Quotes through the manga, but he still has some decent ones. Hope you enjoy! “I realized that back then, the reason I wanted to become human, was that I really just wanted to have friends. Now, I just want to be a monster thatContinue reading “Quote of the Day: Tony Tony Chopper”

Quote of the Day: One Piece

LUFFY “If you don’t risk your life, you can’t create a future. Right? “DYING IS NOT REPAYING A DEBT!!! THAT’S NOT WHAT HE SAVED YOU FOR!!! ONLY WEAK MEN WOULD DIE AFTER SOMEONE SPARED THEIR LIVES!!!” “Forgetting is like a wound. The wound may heal but it has already left a scar.” “Being alone isContinue reading “Quote of the Day: One Piece”