5 Tips for Promoting Your Content on Social Media

It can be tough coming up with new content to promote on social media. With so many seemingly great ideas out there, it can be tough to think of new ideas.

Thousands upon thousands of posts go live on social media each day, some from family and friends, some from businesses trying their best to grab your attention.

Here are a few ideas you can use to start creating more content on social media and promoting your brand.

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Call to Action Buttons

Donations, followers, comments, stories. There are plenty of things you can ask people who see your content for.

Usually, a call to action button asks people to learn more information, or browse your products, but it is possible to make a button that can do just about anything.

Giving followers an opportunity and an easier way to explore your content instead of making them go searching for your website.

There are plenty of amazing examples of Call to Action Buttons, and some tips on how to write a good one, that you can find here.

Different Content for Different Channels

Each platform has its preference of content.

Just because something works on one platform it doesn’t mean it would work on another.

It’s important to know what each platform prefers and what works on those platforms. Instagram might be good for short videos, where Facebook prefers longer.

Do your research and make sure you know what content you need.

It doesn’t always need to be a brand new idea, but maybe think about changing how the message is given to audiences.

Use Appropriate Hashtags

There is a hashtag for everything. No matter what your content, there are trending hashtags that are used commonly by people in the industry.

Research your industry and find those hashtags to find out what people are using. This will put your content in front of others who are interested in the genre.

Usually there are more than one hashtags that are popular in the industry, so do your due diligence to make sure you can find the most effective ones.

Fill Out the Profile Information

This may seem like a simple idea, but filling out your profile information will give people a way to contact you, and better understand what to expect from you.

Even filling out basic information like the ‘About’ page and contact information will mean people will need to do that much less work to find your content.

Add a branded hashtag

Like I mentioned before, hashtags are a way to find people who are interested in a certain type of content.

The same can work for your profile. On most social media platforms, you can add a hashtag to your profile so that your profile pops up when someone searches that hashtag.

It’s no guarantee to be seen, but it gives you a better opportunity to be seen by people in the same field as yourself.

What Social Media Platforms Should You Focus On?

I mentioned in my previous post why social media platforms are essential in marketing your brand/business.

Social media is deeply engrained in our society, and it isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

But what social media platforms do you need to focus on to reach the most people and see the most growth?

There is no right answer to that question. There are the obvious platforms to pursue: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter, but then there are the less common ones: TikTok, Snapchat, Tumblr, and plenty of others.

Obviously the more users a platform has, the more likely your brand can grow on that platform, so let’s discuss what platforms might be right for you.

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The Big 4: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube

These are the most common platforms. They have millions of users each month, and you can find almost any niche you could think of.

There are endless opportunities to engage with people and create content that can reach your audiences.

There is no magic formula to these platforms, but there are best practices that are ever evolving, so it is important to stay on top of them.

If you are serious about growing your brand or business, you should look in to getting at least a few of these social media channels. Your specific brand might change which options to pursue, but for the most part, all four of these options are strong contenders for all brands to focus on to grow and tell their story.

Small But Significant: TikTok, Snapchat, Tumblr, Pinterest

None of these platforms are new, and none of them are without a good number of monthly users.

What limits these platforms is that their demographics are a lot smaller than the big four. Apps like Snapchat and TikTok tend to have a younger audience, which might not be what your brand wants to focus on.

If your audiences overlap with these apps, then you might want to consider how to best reach them, and how to get your messages across to those audiences. Each brand is going to have different ideas and different strategies that work.

The Online Communities: Reddit, Imgur, DeviantArt, Twitch

Finally, we have the online communities. These generally revolve around a certain idea of type of post.

DeviantArt is a great place for aspiring artists and art lovers to go to, to share their artwork and love for different fanbases.

Platforms like Twitch, Reddit, and Imgur have broad audiences, but people on these platforms have a tendency to focus on a niche, for a handful of niches, and their content focuses on that.

The rules to social media are always changing. Nobody can give you an answer and know how to solve every possible social media question you might have.

What works for one person on social media might be disastrous for another. Some might utilize YouTube and be able to grow their brand off of that, where another might have a brand that doesn’t work well with video, so they pursue something else.

What’s most important is that you try and you learn. Track the success and failures of what you try and do better in the future.