Solve it Sunday: Elevating

Hello dear readers…yet another puzzle for you to keep your mind busy during these quarantine times. If you like these puzzles, make sure to follow me on social media for more…an as always the answers are in the comments.Twitter  | Instagram | Goodreads | Facebook  The first elevator machine is believed to have been the invention ofContinue reading “Solve it Sunday: Elevating”

Solve it Sunday: Coffee Connundrum

Hello my dear Sherlocks, I have another puzzle for you to keep your minds fresh while you’re stuck at home. This week is one of those puzzles that require you to fill out the table, and figure out which person has ____. So really, it’s not a sense of doing math, but it’s a matterContinue reading “Solve it Sunday: Coffee Connundrum”

Solve it Sunday: Classic Riddles

Hello dear Sherlocks, I hope you’ve warmed up your brains because I have quite a few riddles for you today. You may have heard of some of them, and you might not have, but I believe that you’ll be able to solve some of them. If you want to find the answers, just click here.Continue reading “Solve it Sunday: Classic Riddles”

Solve it Sunday: A Bit of Polish

Hello dear readers, I hope you put on your puzzle solving hats, because I am back for another Solve it Sunday! This one might be tricky for those who don’t live with snow in the winter, but you might know the answer anyways. Here is the riddle, and as always, the solution is in theContinue reading “Solve it Sunday: A Bit of Polish”

Solve it Sunday: Scientific Logic

For this trial, no knowledge of the world’s workings is needed. Your ability to think logically is the only thing being tested. Five scientists from different Ivy League universities were engaged in a cutting-edge space programme. From the information provided, can you say which town the Irish scientist lived in? The scientist in New HavenContinue reading “Solve it Sunday: Scientific Logic”