Solve it Sunday: Problem in Glass

Hello my Little Einsteins, I hope you have your thinking caps on. Today’s puzzle is all about windows, which really doesn’t make a difference for a genius like you! And as always…answers are in the comments. Imagine that you have a square window, five feet high, set in an opaque wall. That window lets inContinue reading “Solve it Sunday: Problem in Glass”

Solve it Sunday: Classic Riddles

Hello dear Sherlocks, I hope you’ve warmed up your brains because I have quite a few riddles for you today. You may have heard of some of them, and you might not have, but I believe that you’ll be able to solve some of them. If you want to find the answers, just click here.Continue reading “Solve it Sunday: Classic Riddles”

Solve it Sunday: A Bit of Polish

Hello dear readers, I hope you put on your puzzle solving hats, because I am back for another Solve it Sunday! This one might be tricky for those who don’t live with snow in the winter, but you might know the answer anyways. Here is the riddle, and as always, the solution is in theContinue reading “Solve it Sunday: A Bit of Polish”

Solve it Sunday: Scientific Logic

For this trial, no knowledge of the world’s workings is needed. Your ability to think logically is the only thing being tested. Five scientists from different Ivy League universities were engaged in a cutting-edge space programme. From the information provided, can you say which town the Irish scientist lived in? The scientist in New HavenContinue reading “Solve it Sunday: Scientific Logic”

Solve it Sunday: In A Spin

Hello everyone! I’m back with another post for Solve it Sunday after missing last week. I hope you enjoy this one. It was a lot of fun talking through it with some friends, seeing if we could find an answer. Thanks to the work of Copernicus, Galileo, and may others, we know that the dayContinue reading “Solve it Sunday: In A Spin”

Solve it Sunday: Gold Standard

This question may seem laughable at first glance. I assure you, however, that I have no intention of making sport with you. Simplicity does not always indicate triviality. Which is heavier – a 1-ton block of wood, or a 1-ton block of gold? You may assume that both blocks are being weighed on the sameContinue reading “Solve it Sunday: Gold Standard”

Solve it Sunday: A Curious Thought

This one might be a bit trickier than you think. It got me when I first read it, but read it carefully before you think you have the answer. As always…answers in the comments It has been said that the ultimate in exclusivity would be to build a house which possessed windows facing south onContinue reading “Solve it Sunday: A Curious Thought”