200 WordPress Followers!: My thanks to all of you!

So apparently I just hit 200 blog followers!!! It seems like it happened a few days ago already, but I just noticed. This is a minor achievement compared to a lot of blogs I see out there, but I am thrilled to be here. I can’t thank everyone enough for getting me here. It’s beenContinue reading “200 WordPress Followers!: My thanks to all of you!”

100 WordPress Followers!!!

It’s been just over a year since I started this blog, but I have finally hit 100 WordPress followers. I actually hit the milestone a few weeks ago, but I never had the time on Thursdays to write about it. Finally I have found the time. I am very proud of myself for keeping upContinue reading “100 WordPress Followers!!!”


Apparently today is my 1-year WordPress Anniversary. To think a year ago I started this blog. It was not good. I’ve looked back at it and what was I thinking? haha I know it grew along with me, and it’s still not great, but I think it’s getting there. I have a few ideas thatContinue reading “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!”